Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ken Bayliss Fossil Shell Flour Success Story

Ken Bayliss came into our office wanting to tell us about his results of taking Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour Diatomaceous Earth and here is his positive success story:

I have been taking 1 heaping tablespoon of fossil shell flour diatomaceous earth between 8:00 -8:30 in the morning for 2 months now. Since taking it I am not hungry until 12 noon and then I have my lunch.

I also have found that my bowel movements are regular and I found evidence of pinworms. I injured the lumbar area of my spine years ago from a motorcycle accident and I couldn’t bend down without it hurting and I noticed after taking the fossil shell flour my back got very painful and over a 2 week period it got normal and the pain hasn’t come back! I also have relief from my arthritis and I will update you on anymore of my positive findings.