Thursday, June 24, 2010

No more prescriptions, Arthritis is gone, and the list goes on..

Roxie Fortener, Dayton Ohio


My name is Roxie - I spoke with you yesterday on the phone from Dayton Ohio. It was great to chat with someone who is excited as I am about Diatomaceous Earth. This product has taken the place of many medical prescriptions that could have been prescribed for me. This is one product I am so glad I took a chance on. I have been taking DE for over a year now and I have not been sick with anything - bowel movements are like clockwork and the arthritis in my fingers have disappeared. I had mercury fillings removed some time ago and it's a wonderful feeling to know that I have removed a lot of the poison that was no doubt in my system. I could go on forever about all the other benefits. I use it for cleaning stubborn stains in the tub as well as a pesticide. I had a cricket infestation and it worked like a charm - (dust in the early spring and again in the fall). I tell everyone I know about the wonderful benefits of this product. It's just too bad that most people think a prescription or a pesticide is the only answer. What other product in itself could do all these wonderful things. And yes it does make hair and nails grow extremely fast. I guess my only fear at this point is that the FDA will try and take this product from us too. Please feel free to publish this letter. I want everyone to know that God does provide natural cures for us in so many ways.
Thank you for making this product Available.

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