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Arthritis Gone Success Story

Testimony of Charlene Rowley, Lehi, Utah

I am Charlene Rowley, I am 60 years old and feeling great. I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth for almost three years. I started when I got arthritis in my right hand so bad my thumb went stiff and the pain went into my palm, fingers and started up my arm. My son gave me the Diatomaceous Earth to take he had heard it would take away arthritis and the pain. I didn't know what else to do. I knew my doctor would put me on painkillers and I don't like medication as a lifetime solution. So I started taking the Diatomaceous Earth. It gave me energy like I had not known for a long time. Within about two days the pain was gone and eight weeks later my thumb was back to normal use and has been ever since. I feel now if I would have known when I started what great results I would have gotten I would have taken two or three tablespoons a day, instead I only took one. My hand would have been useable much sooner than eight weeks.
While I was so worried about my stiff thumb I did not realize that it had taken away the inflammation in my stomach known as gastritis which my doctor told me I would have for the rest of my life if I didn't stop eating certain foods such as tomatoes, grapes, all citrus fruits, cabbage and all the foods in the cabbage family. Gastritis can be painful if you aren't careful how you eat. Oh, no fatty foods. I had many attacks. The first one because I didn't know what I had was very painful, the doctor almost put me in the hospital. Luckily for me the painkillers took away the pain. I got on his diet for me, but if I didn't watch carefully I did I did have some painful attacks. But miracles of miracles Diatomaceous Earth took away the inflammation for more than two years I have taken it, I can eat any of the above foods without any of the symptoms of gastritis. I had a painful pain in the left side of my (no other word but) buttocks for years if I overworked I was put right down in bed for a day because it hurt to walk. Everyone said I probably had a pinched nerve. I went to a chiropractor, he worked on it and I felt good but he said I would have to come back for more treatments. I never got back and the pain went on until I started taking the Diatomaceous Earth. I was so busy worrying about my thumb that it took my husband to discover after a hard working Cub Scout event we were involved in to notice I didn't mention the pain after cleaning up I was ready to go out to dinner. He was surprised, I am usually down on the bed in pain and can't move for the rest of the night. When he brought it to my attention I too was surprised. After that when I work hard I may only have tinge of pain, if that, it is wonderful.

My husband 64 has heart disease with high blood pressure, he takes high blood pressure pills which only made it fluctuate, never took it down. He started taking it, now when he tests his blood pressure it is down and stable. We are hoping when he goes in for his six-month check-up that he will take him off those pills. Also that they will find his bad cholesterol down which it too was soaring high after an operation a year ago in May. His energy has soared, he said he feels like a twenty year old. He used to be so sluggish when he worked. We eat well, we drink filtered water (spring water). This is a good food supplement. The best.

P.S. Don't ever stop selling this wonderful food source. It's like the "fountain of youth".

Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour Sucess Stories

S.W., -" For years I’ve had chronic fungus between the toes. I tried many things internally and externally until in desperation I powdered my feet with Diatomaceous Earth. The condition went away and hasn’t come back. Isn’t that wild? Someone else might like to try this and see if it works for them – I’m very interested."

M.S., Canada -" Since taking fossil shell flour my night sweats have disappeared and I've noticed how much more energy I have, it's really amazing! I started adding 1 tsp in a glass of water, just enough water for a couple of swallows. I didn't know what to expect as to taste and found out it really has no taste, if anything a bit chalky. The most incredible change from taking fossil shell flour is my night sweats have disappeared!!! I couldn't figure out why I wasn't waking up in the middle of the night sweating and then I thought maybe it was the fossil shell flour? So I decided to stop taking it and sure enough they came back! It is sooo nice not waking up sweating in the middle of then night, I love this stuff! I would say after about 2 weeks I noticed I had so much more energy. Usually at the end of the day my energy level would drop, but since taking the fossil shell flour the energy I have is making me feel so much more alive. It's so nice to feel this energy, it's like I've been rejuvenated. I now take 1 heaping tsp in the morning and one before bed, if I miss taking it I definately know I have very soon, it's that dramatic of a change for me... "
G.M., USA - "Threatened with new lumps and bumps this past summer, always leery of fresh symptoms due to my on-going challenge of lymphoma, I decided to do a bit of experimentation with my own health with this innocuous substance. I took a tablespoon of DE with liquid (juice, smoothies, or water) about three times a week, and to my amazement the chickpea-sized lump that had arisen on top of my head completely disappeared. The silver dollar-sized lump on the side of my neck vanished. And whatever was impeding passage of colon contents was dramatically cleared. With or without research, moderate use of the FDA-approved anti-caking, food-grade substance proved to be a vital piece of my health puzzle."G.K., Albuquerque, NM -"My body became very toxic with the heavy metal, nickel. I had sores break out on my skin. I became very exhausted all the time. I started taking diatomaceous earth, fossil shell flour, in an effort to remove the toxic metals. I have since been tested and I have no sign of toxic nickel, plus my sores went away."C.B., Michigan -"I had cancer and a friend told me about a wonderful product called Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour Diatomaceous Earth. I started taking this product. Within a short time my cancer tumors began going away. I am now totally free of cancer and I feel great."T.S., - USA"I was diagnosed with liver cancer in July of 1994. After eight months of chemo poison, I decided to do things God's way and learn to heal myself with the Genesis 1 :29 diet. It put me in remission until I painted a house I was renting and had to have it sprayed for termites. After that I came down with a 4cm. Tumor in my upper right femur. I was told about food grade fossil shell flour diatomaceous earth and I took three tablespoons every night and noticed I became pain-free. Than I ran out of it and noticed my pain came back. Two times I started taking fossil shell flour DE and ran out only to notice that once again my pain returned. Then I realized it was the fossil shell flour DE that was keeping me pain-free. I don't know how it works, I only know that it does. I still take three tablespoons at bedtime. I am on an 80/20 diet and drink lots of water, take herbs and stay close to God. Everything I do is alternative. I sure am glad God led me to DE."

C.G.,: Pagosa Springs, CO -"I am writing this in hopes that someone will read this and be helped like I am. I tried diatomaceous earth, using about 3 heaping tablespoons in a cup of water, to appease my husband. He said it would be good for my hair. It doesn't taste bad, it actually is good. However a week later we were driving to the store; I looked down and noticed I had nails. I have bitten my nails since I can remember. I went out and bought polish. I could not believe how fast they were growing and the urge to bite them was no longer there. My hair was also thinning in front and it is now filled in. When my 25-year old sister was pregnant, she craved chalk. Her husband would actually go to the store and buy her chalk to eat. I gave her some of the diatomaceous earth and she loved it. She quit eating chalk and took the diatomaceous earth every day."

Parasite Testimonial

A friend sent me a pound of diatomaceous earth (DE), or fossil flour, in the mail. I wondered if I needed it. I had done intestinal cleansing in the past. During those cleanses, a couple of worms had come out. I thought I had probably gotten rid of any parasites, but I wasn't sure. Also, I've heard that DE can help release heavy metal toxicity (which I figured I have because I have silver mercury fillings)…so I figured DE was worth a try.

By Katherine

Eugene, Oregon


Early this morning I drank about a teaspoon of the DE in water. (I fell back asleep and had a very wild dream that included the words "aluminum" and "mercury." When I woke up I wondered if the dream was telling me about heavy metals in my body.) My body has ached all day, like I have the flu. The lymph nodes in my throat are very swollen. My kidneys ache.


I felt like I had the flu all night. I felt achy, feverish, horrible. When I woke up, I released a quart or two of dysentery-like swamp water. I feel very weak today. (I decided to continue taking the DE, but I've lowered the dosage to 1 teaspoon daily. Intuitively, I know I shouldn't take more than that right now.) I also started giving my dog and cats the DE today.


Today I noticed something coming out of me, along with the BM (bowel movement) but not in it. It looked like thin, angel hair pasta clumped together-very thin and almost clear-looking. On closer inspection, I realized that it was a clump of worms, each about one and a half-inch long.
1/25The thin, translucent worms have continued to come out for the past two days. I have unusually strong body odor. I feel very tired.


Today I passed larger worms-it looked like two different kinds: a roundworm, but thicker than the translucent, "angel hair" ones. The other kind that came out were more cylindrical in shape, darker colored, smaller and thinner than the large roundworms. These came out in large pieces (1") and I wondered if they were pieces of a larger worm.


I've decided to speed up the process. So I'm now taking the fossil flour twice a day. I am constipated and feel yucky.


I was very constipated all day-and hadn't been able to go to the bathroom for about 24 hours. After much effort, a single 6" worm (the worm only-no poo!) came out. I think it was a roundworm. It may even have been a piece of a larger worm. I drank Smooth Move herbal laxative tea a couple of times in the next three or four days; this flushed me out (saw a few small pieces of worms but no large ones)-but the tea seemed to leave me feeling more dehydrated. I am in a somewhat altered state; at times I feel more awake than I have in a long time and my energy is high. Then I feel terrible and need frequent naps. Thus my sleep patterns are all screwed up. I am pretty horrified at my condition, and the ramifications of what I have been living with…for who knows how long.


Today clumps of leathery stuff came out in my BM. When I poked at the pieces with a chopstick, I saw that they were short, thin, dark worms (pinworms?)-clustered together-they may have been segments of larger worms.


I have been extremely constipated. Took an enema this A.M. and passed one large round worm (5") only. This might have been a piece of a larger worm. I'm feeling nervous, anxious, like I can't get these things out of me fast enough. I tell myself, "Be patient! Don't think!"


I woke up in the night with a very itchy red rash on my left shin, just below the knee. Within an hour or so, a similar rash appeared on the right shin. The mirror-image rashes grew very itchy and were red and hot to the touch. I put anti-itch cortisone cream on the rashes so that I could get some sleep.


Today I had my annual medical check-up. Despite my knowledge that tests for parasites are known to be unreliable (they don't test for most of the 100+ parasites that can live in the human body) I decided to take a stool sample with me to the appointment. I inspected the sample with a chopstick before I put it in a jar. I saw a couple of large worms, or perhaps, pieces of larger worms in the sample. I also saw many small or "chopped up" (by the fossil flour/silica) dark worm pieces. I placed a 3" worm on top of the stool sample in the jar (hoping they would be able to identify this particular worm)-placed the jar in a discreet paper bag, and took the sample to my appointment. Without looking inside the bag, my doctor handed the sample off to a female lab technician. He said they'll have my parasite test results in about a week.


This morning I inspected my BM and found lots of tiny worms or (more-likely) chopped up worms, all small and dark/brownish. Also saw some small pieces of that orange-red, small roundworm.


I called my doctor's office today to get my lab results from the parasite test. The nurse read me the findings, "Negative…no parasites." Ridiculous!


Today I saw the small, chopped up worms…a few orange-red ones and the short, stringy dark ones. There doesn't seem to be as many as before.


I haven't had a bowel movement yet today (5:12 pm) and I'm feeling generally lousy, like I'm detoxing. I took a heaping tablespoon of the flour at about 2 A.M…I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll just take a teaspoon. I think I'm detoxing too fast. I have less energy and am more depressed than usual, like I'm fighting off a "bug."


I got that same strange rash in middle of night again! Around 2 A.M. my left shin started itching. A similar rash appeared on my right shin within the hour and both were very itchy, red, and warm to the touch, like a sunburn. This is the exact rash pattern I had a couple of weeks ago! Kind of eerie.


Today my BMs were still dense with "chopped" worm pieces, or segments, or small worms (not sure what they are)…and one large piece of roundworm…and one very strange larger worm (about 2.5") that branched off into three "branches" (worms mating?)…also saw a couple of small (1/3"), stout, full-sized worms that looked like they had suckers underneath, mouths, and pointy tails. (Yuk!!!!!) I am low energy, depressed, but not as sick as I was on 2/18.


I've been taking the fossil flour for almost 5 weeks. And still, many little pieces (1/3" or so) keep coming out. They are mainly small brown worms and the orange-red worms. Didn't see a long roundworm today, but last night I saw a very shredded piece of a long/large roundworm. I still feel pretty wiped out, tired, (kind of down-blah), like I need a nap at 2 P.M., after getting a good night's sleep (9 hrs). The fight is still on.


I can still see small pieces of worms, though not as many as before. My sleep patterns are still screwy.


I saw a few small pieces/worms (brown ones mainly, a couple of orange-red ones) today. I haven't seen any of the large roundworms in days.


I can still see a few (very few) small brown segments (1/4" or so) and just a few of the orange-red worms. Today I also saw large pieces of roundworms-one was about 1/3" and one was about ½". They looked kind of shredded.


For the past three days or so, I have found only a few small (1/4" or so) worms or worm pieces. I am feeling more energetic and strong-my vitality is returning. When I looked I the mirror I noticed that the whites of my eyes are whiter and shinier than they've been in a long time (years maybe).


I only found one piece of small brown worm today. I'm noticing that my BM's are becoming more regular-morning and evening, after meals. Amazing. I haven't been regular in so long.


I think the parasites are gone!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Update: 5/20/06

I'm happy to say that I haven't seen a worm in weeks. People have asked me if I feel better now. Although I generally feel better and my energy is higher, I think I'm still detoxing (or recovering from the detox?) However, I do sleep noticeably better, my nerves are calmer, and my eyes are brighter. Plus I'm just relieved to know that those critters are no longer a part of ME…they are no longer sucking the life force out of me. I now take a teaspoon of the fossil flour in water, every two or three days, for maintenance. I continue to give the DE to my pets, too.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Fossil Shell Flour

We have included success stories from people who have been using fossil shell flour. Our fossil shell flour is pure 100% freshwater diatomaceous earth that is of the highest quality available, being greater than 99.5% amorphous silica and less than 1/2% crystaline silica. Fossil Shell Flour is used for internal and external use. We sell this product as a livestock feed additive for use as an anti-caking agent. It is regulated under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, FDA and USDA for this purpose and the recommended rate is not to exceed 2% of the total diet. It doesn't have to be exact, more will not be harmful, but less may not give you the results expected. We sell our regulated fossil shell flour DE by the information on the label. Any additional benefits received are incidental and free.

Feel free to look around and share your own success story!