Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour Sucess Stories

S.W., -" For years I’ve had chronic fungus between the toes. I tried many things internally and externally until in desperation I powdered my feet with Diatomaceous Earth. The condition went away and hasn’t come back. Isn’t that wild? Someone else might like to try this and see if it works for them – I’m very interested."

M.S., Canada -" Since taking fossil shell flour my night sweats have disappeared and I've noticed how much more energy I have, it's really amazing! I started adding 1 tsp in a glass of water, just enough water for a couple of swallows. I didn't know what to expect as to taste and found out it really has no taste, if anything a bit chalky. The most incredible change from taking fossil shell flour is my night sweats have disappeared!!! I couldn't figure out why I wasn't waking up in the middle of the night sweating and then I thought maybe it was the fossil shell flour? So I decided to stop taking it and sure enough they came back! It is sooo nice not waking up sweating in the middle of then night, I love this stuff! I would say after about 2 weeks I noticed I had so much more energy. Usually at the end of the day my energy level would drop, but since taking the fossil shell flour the energy I have is making me feel so much more alive. It's so nice to feel this energy, it's like I've been rejuvenated. I now take 1 heaping tsp in the morning and one before bed, if I miss taking it I definately know I have very soon, it's that dramatic of a change for me... "
G.M., USA - "Threatened with new lumps and bumps this past summer, always leery of fresh symptoms due to my on-going challenge of lymphoma, I decided to do a bit of experimentation with my own health with this innocuous substance. I took a tablespoon of DE with liquid (juice, smoothies, or water) about three times a week, and to my amazement the chickpea-sized lump that had arisen on top of my head completely disappeared. The silver dollar-sized lump on the side of my neck vanished. And whatever was impeding passage of colon contents was dramatically cleared. With or without research, moderate use of the FDA-approved anti-caking, food-grade substance proved to be a vital piece of my health puzzle."G.K., Albuquerque, NM -"My body became very toxic with the heavy metal, nickel. I had sores break out on my skin. I became very exhausted all the time. I started taking diatomaceous earth, fossil shell flour, in an effort to remove the toxic metals. I have since been tested and I have no sign of toxic nickel, plus my sores went away."C.B., Michigan -"I had cancer and a friend told me about a wonderful product called Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour Diatomaceous Earth. I started taking this product. Within a short time my cancer tumors began going away. I am now totally free of cancer and I feel great."T.S., - USA"I was diagnosed with liver cancer in July of 1994. After eight months of chemo poison, I decided to do things God's way and learn to heal myself with the Genesis 1 :29 diet. It put me in remission until I painted a house I was renting and had to have it sprayed for termites. After that I came down with a 4cm. Tumor in my upper right femur. I was told about food grade fossil shell flour diatomaceous earth and I took three tablespoons every night and noticed I became pain-free. Than I ran out of it and noticed my pain came back. Two times I started taking fossil shell flour DE and ran out only to notice that once again my pain returned. Then I realized it was the fossil shell flour DE that was keeping me pain-free. I don't know how it works, I only know that it does. I still take three tablespoons at bedtime. I am on an 80/20 diet and drink lots of water, take herbs and stay close to God. Everything I do is alternative. I sure am glad God led me to DE."

C.G.,: Pagosa Springs, CO -"I am writing this in hopes that someone will read this and be helped like I am. I tried diatomaceous earth, using about 3 heaping tablespoons in a cup of water, to appease my husband. He said it would be good for my hair. It doesn't taste bad, it actually is good. However a week later we were driving to the store; I looked down and noticed I had nails. I have bitten my nails since I can remember. I went out and bought polish. I could not believe how fast they were growing and the urge to bite them was no longer there. My hair was also thinning in front and it is now filled in. When my 25-year old sister was pregnant, she craved chalk. Her husband would actually go to the store and buy her chalk to eat. I gave her some of the diatomaceous earth and she loved it. She quit eating chalk and took the diatomaceous earth every day."


Anonymous said...

I found out about this product while searching for an alternative wormer for my dog who has severe allergies. When I read all the testimonials about how it did good things for people as well, I started taking it. I cannot take calcium because I have a tendancy towards kidney stones, so this was my primary reason for taking it. I worry about bone density. After taking it for about a month, I noticed how fast my hair and nails grew. Then, about a month ago, I fractured my leg.....first broken bone at age 60...and I hope the last. The good news was, my doctor who put me in a cast cannot believe how fast the fracture is healing. It was a long fracture of the fibula, so he figured I would be in a cast for 8 weeks or more. Well, last xray at 3 weeks in a cast, he said probably only 6 weeks due to my healing fast. Guess the fossil shell flower has a lot of benefits I didn't even consider. I now have my husband on it and he goes for a some test today...guess we will see what the results will bring. I am expecting positive results from this great product.

Diatomite said...

Diatomite are single-celled (unicellular) organisms that live as individuals or in groups called colonies. They exist in all the waters of the Earth, both salt and fresh.

Tam Steele Daly said...

Hi there, my name is Tam Steele Daly, and I am a photographer from Newcastle NSW.

Today (7.7.2011) I purchased my first 1kg bag of DE.

My reason for buying it was to alleviate various pains and other slight conditions.

I bought this product on reading some of the stories here, and speaking with my trusted health-food advisor CHRIS; she swears by it.

As from today I will be logging my journey over on the discussion page of my facebook page - Photography Courses Newcastle -
( http://www.facebook.com/s22newcastle )

Please follow my progess and receive up-to-date information on this product.

Thanks, hope to see you there.


TATIB said...

Tam Steele Daly,

Where in Australia did you purchase Fossil Shell Flour ?

I am on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

nannytwicia said...

My mother put me onto this product about 4 weeks ago. I had started dieting 5 weeks prior and had good weight loss - 5.5kg but that started slowing down. In the past 4 weeks, I have lost another 3.5kg with very little effort. Also, my digestive system has become more regular. Lastly, I had aches in my joints especially my knees. These have completely disappeared! I take one tablespoon each morning in a little water, and the same each evening. I'm please there are no side effects!